In the Covid pandemic, #MeToo still prevailed. But is it also Him Too, or Them Two?

Thin Air

Sometimes the path is so narrow and convoluted that the only option is just to go on.

Eagle Dreams

Everybody wants to fly, and there are so many ways to do that.


We all have our roles to play, and once in a while a streak of kindness, or even nobility, shines through. (MP3)

The Myth of the Long Road

In this modern, secular world, mythic elements lie hidden beneath quotidian disguises, but are nonetheless real. (MP3)

The Meaning of Life

When things go wrong, we look everywhere for resolutions, but the resolution can go wrong, too. (MP3)


How much RAM is required to store a person? Once stored there, what will he do? And what will we do with him? (MP3)

Letter to the Editor

It’s hard to get a story published, so you have to seize upon every opportunity to get yourself heard. But that pesky acquisitions editor! (MP3)

Winter Moon

In the end, it’s what you’ve done, and what you haven’t done, and none of the above. (MP3)

Möbius Trip

One thing leads to another, usually. But what if it doesn’t? Can the tale still unfold and carry us somewhere? (MP3)

The Mirror

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but the worst may be just around the corner. Or in your room. (MP3)

The Journalist

When the psychology of a great psychologist comes into question, things can get dicey. (MP3)

iProduct Review

The new blog journalism triumphs again with this brilliant unboxing of the latest, latest, latest i-Item of the year. (MP3)


Watching the world go by outside the house may afford a surprising view of the tireless municipal workers who keep society moving. (MP3)