It can be hard to find one's way in life, but with luck there will be signposts in the fog. (MP3)
It can be hard to find one's way in life, but with luck there will be signposts in the fog. (MP3)
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  1. Allen Cobb

    Thanks! I often wonder how many people can relate to this weird little tale. It’s a bit obscure, and certainly a tragedy … or perhaps not so certainly. I’ve considered a much longer, more three-dimensional story, in which a fully described character interprets everything as a sign, and follows them, and ends up somewhere important, but the “validity” of the signs remains in question.

  2. Elaine Duncan

    I liked the way the rhythm of the words created a forward motion to my curiosity and my desire to discover the motivation behind the man who read the signs. Only towards the end of the story did the man’s choices of action become clearer to me…. yet an ambiguity persists and this I find satisfying. Well done!


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