A familiar familial scene, where everyone has a touch of alexia. (MP3)
A familiar familial scene, where everyone has a touch of alexia. (MP3)
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  1. Elaine

    I listened to this on Jan.3 and I find so far that the structure and writing of your stories is excellent. I also enjoy the surprises tucked in like tongue in cheek. I miss emotional content, though, the feeling level. The stories are so clear and clean, like polished steel, that my heart can’t find a way in.

    • Allen

      Thanks for the kind words! This story is mainly about people who can’t communicate, so it’s intentionally a bit cold. Alex never understands what annoys Alexia, and nobody is really “there” at all. We never even hear the name of Alexia’s husband, or any of the kids — or even how many kids there are! It’s a pretty horrifying environment, although it’s presented in a somewhat “family-style” context. In the end, the parents just watch old TV shows, and the daughter fumes her own frustrations. Hey, she didn’t leave home until she was in her 30’s, however much she hated it.

      By the way, “alexia” is a psych. term for loss of the ability to read (a-lexia). So the whole family is pretty much embodying that affliction, in terms of reading each other.


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