First contact, inspired by the pulp Sci-Fi magazines of the 1950’s. Don’t look a gift-Yoznok in the mouth.

The Knock

Do you ever wake up suddenly after hearing a loud sound and discover it was nothing? What if it wasn’t? (MP3)

Monkeytype (Reductio Simiorum)

If enough monkeys on typewriters work long enough, they’ll eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. Or will they? (MP3)


Don’t you hate it when a story ends with, “It was all a dream?” This story begins there. (MP3)


How much RAM is required to store a person? Once stored there, what will he do? And what will we do with him? (MP3)

Winter Moon

In the end, it’s what you’ve done, and what you haven’t done, and none of the above. (MP3)

The Mirror

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but the worst may be just around the corner. Or in your room. (MP3)

No Brainer

The brain is a marvelous instrument. Where would we be without it? (MP3)

The Journalist

When the psychology of a great psychologist comes into question, things can get dicey. (MP3)


As society evolves, everyone learns to accommodate. Unfortunately some folks just don’t have the required flexibility. (MP3)

Interview with the Zombie

Not the easiest guest to interview, but with a little heart and some empathy, it’s not all bad. (MP3)

Half-Way There

Space junk isn’t always junk, and not all of it is orbiting the Earth. (MP3)

Fire Circle

The quest for knowledge is as old as humanity. But when the truth is revealed, who can fathom its diversity and depth? (MP3)