In the Covid pandemic, #MeToo still prevailed. But is it also Him Too, or Them Two?

Thin Air

Sometimes the path is so narrow and convoluted that the only option is just to go on.

Expletive Pizza

Learning to be soldiers, all the boys and girls must also learn to be brave. (MP3)

The Catastrophe

Karma is unfathomable, they say, but perhaps mischievous is a better word. An unembellished true story of Loki, Kokopelli, or Lila Shakti. (MP3)

Little Torments

It’s difficult to do what you’re told when they won’t tell you. (MP3)

Hoobner on the Post

Even a dog’s life has its ups and downs and exceptional dogs are no exception. (MP3)

Hole in the World

Revising someone else’s book can be trickier than it should be, especially with temporary brain damage and a recalcitrant author. (MP3)