One of the Big Questions, all of which might be reduced simply to “what the hell is going on?”


Rolling through his brief beat road trip, one intrepid hipnik finally blows his mind. (MP3)

Archive Guy

Sometimes we just put too much pressure on ourselves. Sometimes the help just can’t take it any more. Sometimes we are the help. (MP3)

Rocky Mountain High

They said it was a diatribe. A filibuster against reason, to take refuge in a wall of words against the storm of impressions. Such nonsense, to think words protect against what has never been named! (MP3)

Letter to the Editor

It’s hard to get a story published, so you have to seize upon every opportunity to get yourself heard. But that pesky acquisitions editor! (MP3)

The Beginning

One inquisitive soul, lost in the skein of events and memories, tries to reason its way out to the surface. (MP3)


As society evolves, everyone learns to accommodate. Unfortunately some folks just don’t have the required flexibility. (MP3)

iProduct Review

The new blog journalism triumphs again with this brilliant unboxing of the latest, latest, latest i-Item of the year. (MP3)

Am Not Am

It’s nice to be able to create yourself, but when you do, it’s a good idea to be careful how you handle the result. (MP3)