Driving to Boise

It’s a long, high road across the Wasatch, and the long, high drive takes on a life of its own. (MP3)


Rolling through his brief beat road trip, one intrepid hipnik finally blows his mind. (MP3)

Barnaby Goes Home

Perhaps we can’t revisit the past, but we can try. And in so doing, perhaps the past can revisit us. (MP3)

Another Threnody of Hope

We’re never certain how we feel about one another, but sometimes the answer is as simple as a piece of toast. (MP3)

The Knock

Do you ever wake up suddenly after hearing a loud sound and discover it was nothing? What if it wasn’t? (MP3)

Our Lady of the Ellington

We’re all travelers, and some of us never escape life’s long series of lodgings and hotels. But for others, the resolution of a life can take them all the way home. (MP3)


How does the thinking machinery work? If we observe its mechanism up close, what does it tell us about ourselves? (MP3)

Mr. Smith’s Strange Day

Mr. Smith, as usual, is just doing the best he can, like the rest of us, but it’s not always easy to keep it all straight. (MP3)

The CD

Sometimes Daniel could get carried away listening to a great piece of music. But this Brahms CD was going much too far. (MP3)

Highlights of Henry

Henry’s smart phone is not his friend, but it does its best to add to the confusion. (MP3)

Writing in Restaurants

Here’s a micro-collection of nano-fiction that takes place in restaurants because, well, there’s a lot of drama in restaurants. If you’re reading this in 2020, restaurants used to be places people went — in groups! — to eat meals together. (MP3)