Expletive Pizza

Learning to be soldiers, all the boys and girls must also learn to be brave. (MP3)

Archive Guy

Sometimes we just put too much pressure on ourselves. Sometimes the help just can’t take it any more. Sometimes we are the help. (MP3)

Monkeytype (Reductio Simiorum)

If enough monkeys on typewriters work long enough, they’ll eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. Or will they? (MP3)

The Gates

Whatcha gonna do when St. Peter greets you? (MP3)

Letter to the Editor

It’s hard to get a story published, so you have to seize upon every opportunity to get yourself heard. But that pesky acquisitions editor! (MP3)

The Tiger

Logic and imagination don’t always work together, but sometimes you just have to give it a chance. (MP3)

No Brainer

The brain is a marvelous instrument. Where would we be without it? (MP3)

iProduct Review

The new blog journalism triumphs again with this brilliant unboxing of the latest, latest, latest i-Item of the year. (MP3)

Interview with the Zombie

Not the easiest guest to interview, but with a little heart and some empathy, it’s not all bad. (MP3)

Interview with the Muse

Where does a writer get his inspiration? From his muse, of course. But where does she get hers? (MP3)

Hoobner on the Post

Even a dog’s life has its ups and downs and exceptional dogs are no exception. (MP3)

Writing in Restaurants

Here’s a micro-collection of nano-fiction that takes place in restaurants because, well, there’s a lot of drama in restaurants. If you’re reading this in 2020, restaurants used to be places people went — in groups! — to eat meals together. (MP3)